Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exams

Many people who wear eyeglasses can benefit from using contact lenses. However, a contact lens exam is not the same as a routine eye exam. If you consider getting contact lenses, our eye doctors can conduct the proper exam to ensure you get contact lenses that are right for you. At Legacy Eye Care in Petersburg and Chester, we offer a wide range of treatments and exams to ensure our patients have access to the care they need to maintain their vision and eye health for years to come. We can help you find a pair of contacts that work for your daily needs.

Importance of an Eye Exam

A regular comprehensive eye exam includes tests to check for visual acuity and ocular health. In most cases, these tests help determine if vision correction is needed. However, in some patients, routine eye exams are used to determine the overall health of your eyes and body. 

How an Eye Exam Can Reveal a Medical Condition

The eyes act as a window into our overall health and medical conditions. Our eye exams can help diagnose eye conditions and general health issues such as diabetes and certain cancers. 

How Does a Contact Lens Exam Differ from an Eye Exam?

During a contact lens exam, the eye doctor conducts additional tests specially designed to help fit your eye's unique curvature and size. The other tests help ensure the contact lens fits comfortably on your cornea, offering optimal vision correction. If it does not fit correctly, you can experience blurred vision and discomfort. 

A contact lens exam also includes measuring pupil or iris size and a tear film evaluation. All the tests conducted help provide you with a prescription for contact lenses and determine if your eyes can comfortably wear contact lenses. 

Contact Lens Fitting

Once our eye doctors have completed all vision screening and tests, we will fit you with a pair of trial lenses. Trial lenses help assess their comfort and fit. The eye doctor examines the appearance of the lenses and asks about your comfort. It is necessary to wear the sample contacts for several minutes to allow them to react to your tear production and form to your corneal shape.

Schedule an Appointment with a Chester or Petersburg Optometrist for Contact Lenses

Are you considering getting contact lenses? If so, schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists at Legacy Eye Care in Chester or Petersburg. Our eye doctors can help determine if contacts are the best option for you and help you get fitted with the perfect pair of lenses.